Dentist in Baltimore | Is regular water better for your teeth than sparkling water?

Sparkling water has become quite the craze these days. Sometimes we just want the fizz without the added sugar or artificial sweeteners, and with the all the different flavors that have come out, it has become the drink of choice for many people. But how do these drinks measure up against plain water in regards to your teeth?

                For all the sparkling water fans out there, you can rest assure that the acid in these drinks are actually fine for your teeth, as they do not affect the tooth enamel. So if it’s just the fizz you crave, then drink this in addition to regular water. Remember that regular water has the fluoride that we all need to fight cavities. It also helps wash away any food that is left over in your teeth, and it prevents dry mouth which can also lead to cavities. So do not eliminate regular water from your diet.

                Even though the acid in the sparkling water is not harmful to teeth, be mindful of the citrus flavored sparkling waters as they have a higher acid level that could damage the tooth enamel. You can still enjoy the citrus flavored options, but drink them with food in one sitting so your teeth are not continuously being exposed to the higher levels of acid.

                Finally, be sure to read the labels. Some sparkling waters contain sugar, and in those instances, it cannot be called “sparkling water”. It is a sugar-sweetened beverage which can increase the risk of cavities.

                Sparking waters can be a great alternative to the sugary sodas, but just keep these points in mind when reaching for these options.

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