Dentist in Baltimore | Sings of Oral Cancer

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Since April is oral cancer month, we thought we should educate you on the signs of oral cancer.  Yes, each patient receives an oral cancer screening during regular six month check-ups, but it is also important for patients to recognize the signs. After all, early detection is imperative.

With that being said, what are signs of oral cancer?

  1. Any sores, swelling, lumps, or thick patches in or around your mouth or throat
  2. White or red lesions on your mouth or lips
  3. A feeling that you have a lump or some other object in your throat
  4. Swelling that may make your mouth uncomfortable if you have dentures
  5. Numbness, pain, or tenderness anywhere in your mouth or tongue
  6. Pain in your ears, but no loss of hearing
  7. Trouble moving your jaw or tongue and/or difficulties with swallowing, chewing, or speaking
  8. Unexplainable loose teeth
  9. A sore throat or hoarseness that won’t go away

If you experience any of these symptoms, contact your dentist right away.

Lifestyle risk factors for oral cancer include tobacco use of any kind through cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and smokeless tobacco. In fact, tobacco use attributes to 90% of oral cancer. Some other risk factors include heavy alcohol consumption on a regular basis,  adults over 40, a diet deficient in fruits and vegetables, sun exposure (especially to the lips), and the human papillomavirus (HPV 16).